Corporate Rentals, Teams & Tournaments

If you’ve got the people, we’ve got the space. 

Jacksonville Ice & Sportsplex welcomes you and your team or group to the most versatile facility for your team practices, tournament, league, or corporate needs.  Our facility is able to accommodate corporate and entertainment events in addition to multi-day tournaments and other sports activities.

  • 20,000 Square Feet of Continuous Space
  • Six Indoor Sport Courts
  • 9,000 Square Feet of Turf
  • Carpeted/Mirrored Multi-purpose Space

We are proud to partner with several local organizations* to offer you the best playing experience.  From first-time athletes to adults, see below for a list of organizations that proudly call us home.

*Organizations that rent the facility for their operations run their own programs and are not affiliated with Jacksonville Ice & Sportsplex. Their programs, guidelines, coaches, curriculum and fees are established by their respective organizations and are not the responsibility of Jacksonville Ice & Sportsplex.


Full Sportsplex
$2,500.00 +tax per day (8 hours)

Single Court
$50.00 +tax per hour

Carpet Area
$50.00 +tax per hour

Indoor Field
$125.00 +tax per hour

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First Athletes Sports Training

First Athletes Sports Training (F.A.S.T.) is a child development program introducing children ages 2-6 to the world of sports in a non-competitive, encouraging and most importantly FUN way! 

Our curriculum based sports programs allow kids to create a foundation of skill before entering competitive sports leagues. Developmentally appropriate equipment is used in our weekly classes.”

Website: http://www.firstathletesjax.com/ 
Phone: 904-572-3315


Beaches Adult Soccer League


Adult Recreation
Jacksonville Scene

Youth Training
JaxHoops & Jax Hawks: Home of Gillespie Basketball
Facebook: JaxHoops Academy


Youth (Girls)
No Fear Volleyball

Skyline Volleyball
“We believe that innovative, current and creative training is the most important thing when developing players. Each player has their own level that they can achieve and it is our responsibility as coaches to help them get there. Our training is “solution-based”. We feel that one solution for one player might not be one for another and it is our job to figure out what that is. With over 40 years of combined college coaching experience in addition to USA Volleyball Youth High Performance training, we have proven experience coaching and teaching athletes of all levels. We emphasize the process over results while training- knowing that the process will lead to team and individual success, so you will find that we encourage mistakes because we know that only by pushing ourselves to the next level, can we reach it.”

Email: info@jaxskyline.com
Website: www.jaxskyline.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JaxSkylineVB/



The Fioretto Fencing Academy Introductory and Beginners Classes are ongoing, and affordable. All of the equipment that is necessary for these classes is provided free of charge. Anyone starting from age 7 is welcome to join at any time. Students can choose whether they would like to pursue in recreational or competitive fencing.

 Phone Number:  (904) 566-9004
 Email Address:  fencefioretto@yahoo.com

ProForm Kicking Academy


ProForm Kicking Academy teaching kicking and punting techniques that are NOT common among many other kicking camps out there!  Even NFL athletes say that ProForm Kicking’s technique is ‘the most unique kicking and punting philosophy’ they’ve ever seen!  We are VERY detailed and teach the most productive and efficient kicking and punting fundamentals that will, without a doubt, make ANY dedicated and disciplined kicker and/or punter successful at ANY level!