Dynamic Edge Hockey


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May 4th   6:00 pm, 7:00 pm & 8:00 pm
May 5th   6:00 am

Dynamic Edge Hockey is an On and Off Ice Hockey Development School for children of all ages. Stressing edge work, puck control and conditioning, we push our clients to be the best they possibly can be. “COMPETE TO BE COMPLETE”

Our focus is to improve balance, body control, agility, power, conditioning and stick skills through progressive, repetitive training. Being efficient and confident in all of their physical attributes will allow them to be the best player they possibly can be.  We really harp on skating skills, especially our “edges”, to be the foundation for the rest of our game. From the NHL down to youth hockey, speed and agility has had a profound affect on the way the game is played. Getting comfortable on your “edges” will make you faster, more elusive and that much more dangerous on the ice.


Fee: $30.00 – Space is limited
Players may register for May 4th & May 5th.

Players Clinic Time will be assigned by Hockey Director once enrollment is received.
grichard@jaxiceandsportsplex.com for questions

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